Start Planning Summer Vacation in Fall

vacation-planning.jpegWhere did you go on vacation this past Summer?

Somewhere awesome, we hope.

It seems like just as great as the vacation itself is the anticipation, knowing that you’ve planned an amazing trip and it’s fast-approaching. Then there’s the post-vacation blues, posting the pictures, and wishing it could have been even longer.

Often we plan vacations as the summer approaches, knowing that we can take a bit of time off and take the family somewhere beautiful.

But, what if we don’t have to wait until the summer? It seems like a “dream vacation” is one that requires a bit of pre-planning, pre-budgeting, pre-dreaming.

So we have a Fall challenge for you: start planning your next Summer vacation.


Someone wise once said that the best way to end a vacation is to start planning the next one. That is something like a never-ending vacation, always looking directly forward to the next, and knowing exactly what that next one will be.

Have you heard of a vision board?
It sounds cheesy, but why not choose that place you’ve always wanted to go, start researching how much it will cost, glue pictures on a board and put it up? Pocket a monthly dollar amount that adds up to the total you need, on the dates you need it (Plane tickets are purchased at least 2.5 months in advance, right?)

If you have trouble budgeting or find that your vacation budget often gets reallocated, most cruise lines can be paid in advance with a monthly fee. Travel agencies also have similar programs, where you can pay for entire trips (plane tickets, resort reservations, food, drinks, etc.) with a monthly fee. This way by the time you go, it’s all paid off.

Your vacation will be as carefree as can be.

Now we want to know, where will you go? Reply to this email and let us know!

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