Back to School in Downey


September is coming, and for all of us with kids that means one thing: School Time!

For those without kids it means the same. Traffic patterns will change, on streets and in stores. Target is filling with shopping carts brimming with spiral notebooks, pens, and backpacks.

It’s an exciting time.

Of course, back at school our children are exposed to all kinds of things, mostly amazing (after all, they’re there to get an education, right?). There are also other things children share: such as germs. The stress of these situations is always made better when your entire family has health insurance.

Cover the Entire Family
There are so many different plans offered by employers, however many of them do not offer coverage for dependents. If you’d like to know how to protect one child or the entire family at a comparable price click here to get a free and talk to one of our agents.

Your Fall Semester
Also, a thought. We all remember how fun it was to go back to school. New clothes (or new hand-me-downs), new school supplies, and a whole new set of teachers made the new year fun and exciting. Maybe it can still be that way for us? Can you take on a new project at work? Maybe buy a new planner and a new pair of slacks?

It can be fun to think of the work year in semesters, or quarters, and measure our accomplishments in periods. What do you think? Any new projects it might be fun to take up this semester?

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