How to Throw the Best Football Party

It’s finally here.

NFL Football Season

Check out the full season schedule here.


We know, some of you are stoked. If you’re like most of us, Fall is your favorite time of year because the NFL is back in action and your Thursday nights and weekends are blocked weeks in advance.

Or, maybe you just want to host an epic football party for the people you love in your life who love football as much as we do.

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

**Note: Before we get started, the most important tip is: Make sure the game is happening on a channel you have access to. Check the schedule here.



It’s a tall order. It’s true. If this is a Thursday night party and you don’t have time to cook — this first tip can always be substituted with a hot dinner delivery order.

But if it’s the weekend, you have no excuse. Chips. 2-3 different dips. A main course. Snacks galore. Throw in a salad, because your football guests will be in an athletic mood and need vitamins to fuel their cheering.

Get creative with this part. One thing everyone remembers about a great party was the food. (Whatever you do, don’t run out!)


Let’s face it. We live in LA. The signs you see up there? They’re actually IN LA. Which means that a lot of us have this kind of parking situation in our neighborhood.

Think it out ahead. Email or text your guests and tell them exactly where to park. The last thing you want is your guests arriving after 30 minutes of having to look for a parking spot. If a guests’ car is towed or ticketed, it’s basically a football party fail.

EPIC FOOTBALL PARTY TIP #3: Designated Drivers

While you’re planning the parking situation, if you’re serving alcohol definitely remember to consider overnight parking and plan for sleepovers or designated drivers. Party hosting 101.

Which brings us to a fun point, which is 20 recipes for nonalcoholic mocktails you can serve to your DD’s, football-loving kids, and everyone!


Want to make sure your guests really get in the game? Even better – want to make sure that your guests have something made of foam (that couldn’t hurt a fly) to throw at anyone who might be cheering for the other team?

Right now you’re probably thinking: “Where am I going to find a bunch of foam footballs to present to my guests?”

And that is exactly why we’re sending this email at the beginning of the season, while you can still order them on Amazon: 12 for $10. Do it now. Be a party legend.

**Business owner tip: Thinking of hosting a football party for your clients? Consider branding your footballs.**


If all goes according to plan, all you have to do is clean up after a great football party. But let’s face it, if you have people throwing mini footballs around your house, things could get a bit rowdy.

(We are an insurance company. It is true that we absolutely have to say this.) If you’re planning to have large gatherings at your house, it is a really good idea to grab insurance that protects the space, just in case.

Check out our renters insurance or home insurance policies, or contact us for more info!


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