Nobody Walks in LA: Ridesharing Insurance

Lately, when you drive around Los Angeles, doesn’t it feel like there are way more Uber and Lyft cars everywhere?

Our roads’ landscape is changing rapidly. More and more young people are driving long hours, trying to meet bonuses. You may be wondering whether (and how) they’re insured.

And you should be!


Here’s the deal: while a Lyft or Uber Driver is picking up a passenger or transporting them to their destination, they are covered by the rideshare company. And during these times, they’re well covered. Rideshare insurance policies for drivers cover up to $1 million for an accident. 

But the moment that same driver drops off a passenger and is waiting for their next ride, they areno longer covered by the company. 

On top of this, a rideshare driver is required to report their employment to their auto insurance provider. In most cases, rideshare coverage will have to be added to their policy. If they haven’t reported the work and the insurance company finds out they were driving for a rideshare company, their insurance policy can be considered void in case of an accident. 

So, if you or someone you know is driving for a rideshare company (even every once in a while), make sure they’ve informed their auto insurance company.

If we’re your auto insurance provider, give us a call (562) 806-0778 so we can make sure you’re all set up! 🙂

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