When is Free Museum Day in Los Angeles?


Every year in January and September the museums of Los Angeles open up their doors for free to everyone lucky enough to know that they’re doing it.

This event is a perfect occasion for children and adults to have quality family time, nurturing their imagination and curiosity in an unmatched way. Many Los Angeles residents often find out about events like this afterwards and are sad to have missed them…

So, we wanted to make sure you knew it was happening.

Okay, so here’s the lowdown.

If you have kids, the coolest places to go are the science museums.

Encounter dinosaurs, experience nature, explore our dioramas, marvel at one of the most impressive gem and mineral collections in the world, and discover how Los Angeles came to be. And that’s just the beginning.

Admission is actually always free at the California Science Center, but it’s still the coolest place for kids. They can learn about everything from marine biology to space exploration, and play with several hands-on activities.

Do you prefer art?

Every major metropolitan area has a collection of art, where they present the world-wide collections they’ve managed to borrow or acquire. This is ours. It’s enormous, and right next to the La Brea Tar Pits, for the kids!

The Museum of Contemporary Art’s mission is: “We are contemporary. We question and adapt to the changing definitions of art. We are a museum. We present, collect, and interpret the art of our time.” This is the art of today.

These are museums you may not have already visited but are famous and unique to Los Angeles.

Annenberg Space for Photography

This space is absolutely beautiful, and if you love photography you’ll love this. It’s another museum that is always open for free to the public (aren’t we lucky?). Nevertheless, it made it on the list because you have to see it.

If you’ve never been here, this place is absolutely epic. It’s set on 160 acres kept by incredible artisan botanists. You can learn about every type of plant and flower from all over the world, and it’s gorgeous.
For a full list of all the museums participating, check out this website for SoCal Museums.

Of course, museums like the Getty and the Getty Villa are free all the time. If you can’t make it this Saturday and you want to go to a free museum, here’s a list of museums that are free year-round.

We hope you enjoyed this list.

Happy Free Museum Day!

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