Plan Ahead for Tomorrow

A little planning can go a long way when it comes to starting your day…


It’s nighttime and (hopefully) the house is settling down.
It’s not quite time to fall asleep.

You know that when you wake up you want to make your morning run smoothly.

What can you do?

Get ready for tomorrow! 🙂

You can start the day off tomorrow feeling calm, collected, and in ready to go.

Wondering how an extra 20-30 minutes tonight will improve your chances of a better tomorrow?


Keep everything you need by the door

This one starts as soon as you get home. Put a key holder by the door — a place to put your keys (and maybe your wallet) every day as you walk in.

Wondering where your keys are? Not if you have a key holder! 😉

Lunch Dishes Side Dish Lunch Box Korean

Eat breakfast and healthy snacks throughout the day

Eating healthy snacks is a tried and true way to have a stronger day.

To save time and money during your day, make your lunch the night before. Or just make “extra” dinner that you can package for lunch. Say goodbye to stuffing down drive-thru lunches!

[Tip: If you’ve been saying you’ll take a lunch to work for months and you hardly ever do it, go out and buy at least $40 worth of reusable lunch containers that you actually think are cool. You’ll definitely use them.]

Clothes Fashion Style Glasses Clothing Modern

Choose your outfit the night before

Getting clothes ready for the next day isn’t just for kids. This really does save time and energy in the morning and gives you those few extra minutes you to calmly prepare for the day. Added bonus: No more mismatched socks! 😉

Professional Mobile Office Notebook Briefcase

Take the same bag to work every day (with the same things in it)

Just like clothing prep, it’s always smart to collect your essentials for the next day and have them ready to go. This reduces the likelihood that you will forget something. Who wants to speed home during lunch to grab their notebook anyway?

Afternoon Tea Coffee Coffee Beans

Get your morning beverage ready

If you have a morning beverage, prep it the night before (especially if you tend to stop by a coffee shop every morning). This could mean filling your coffee pot with fresh grounds & water, or popping a teabag in a clean mug.

In the morning all you’ll have to do is flip a switch or heat some water, and enjoy the fact that you were so considerate to yourself the night before. 😉

Simple routines cannot be underestimated. If you think of night-before prep as a way to de-clutter your mind and prepare for a great day, you’ll be able to focus on & better enjoy the tasks ahead.

We hope you have many beautiful mornings for months to come. 🙂

Your friends at the Point

ps. What are some of your morning routines help you have a great day? Comment and let us know!



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