Whoops! ← When’s the last time you said that?

The thing is, mistakes probably aren’t what you think they are.

Mistakes are stepping stones to success.


We have been in business for over 20 years; customer satisfaction is our livelihood. We know that not everything can be anticipated—that’s the point of having insurance. 😉

Mistakes happen. Even our computers glitch sometimes. We may not to be able to anticipate when a mistake might happen, but we can anticipate that eventually, it will.

Which means we can have a plan! Here’s our simple four-step formula for transforming a mistake into a success:


1. Be timely

The sooner you communicate a mistake, the more responsible you are. Waiting usually complicates the situation, and will only make you make you (and others) more anxious.


2. Be clear

Communication is essential. Explain—don’t excuse—the mistake. You don’t have to list every single detail, but make sure you give an honest, full picture.


3. Be proactive

This is the most important part of the formula: always come to the table with a thought-out solution to the problem. 

Every mistake is an opportunity to do something different than what you had originally planned, and the fact that you’re taking the time to focus on a solution often makes the results even better. 


4. The fortune is in the follow-up

Reach out to those affected by the initial mistake to find out how they feel about the situation, once resolved. This is an opportunity to gather feedback, and toenjoy the fact that, if you’ve been proactive through the process, the feedback is (usually) great.

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