5 Things Every Good Boss Should Know About Leadership

Business isn’t just about analytics.

We’re an insurance company. We deal with analytics every day. Everything about insurance is based on analytics. But even our business isn’t just about analytics.

The simple fact is, every business is run by a group of people with a common goal of running that business. And behind every great business are great bosses.

So, what makes a great boss?

A Great Boss: Inspires Cooperation

Every business is made up of unique individuals with their own hopes, desires, flaws, and concerns.

When each individual within a company is inspired to work in cooperation with others, our collective goal of running an incredible company happens naturally.

A Great Boss: Consults Mentors

No matter what challenges a boss faces, someone out there has faced it before. A mentor is a shortcut. If your mentor has done it before, you don’t have to think about the solution to your challenge. You just have to reproduce theirs.


A Great Boss: Is The Best Listener

A great listener hears what is being said, but also what is not being said. Special attention is paid to implication, intent, and hesitation.

Listening carefully to every member of the team is the only way to find out what’s working, what’s not working, and what could work even better.


A Great Boss: Always the Optimist

This may seem simple, but optimism really does go a long way.

A team that has a clear goal in sight can actually reach it. An optimistic boss keeps that goal clear and motivates the team to keep moving toward it.

A boss’s excitement and recognition keeps the whole team motivated and energized.

A Great Boss: Knows their Own Strengths

Different refined leadership skills create all different kinds of great leaders, with unique skills and approaches to offer. A boss who knows their leadership type can leverage the skills they have and work on areas that need improvement.

Want to understand what your leadership style is so that you can identify your unique skills and areas for improvement? 

Check out this highly rated quiz by Harvard Business Review to learn more about your potential strengths, weaknesses, and blind-spots.

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