Weekend Getaways Near Los Angeles

Summer has officially arrived—meaning, it’s time for a vacation!
Sometimes, the best vacations are ones taken on the road, with your loved ones, at your own pace. Even if you are a California native, familiar with many of our beautiful state’s gems, you might have never seen these sights before—these state gems are certainly worth a trip 🙂

1. Ojai (& Ventura)


Just an hour and a half North, and 20 minutes East from sunny Ventura (another beautiful destination), you will be able enjoy camping, wine-tasting, hiking, kayaking, Barts Books, and a general weekend away from busy life in the city. While you’re there, take a moment to enjoy the view from Meditation Mount and listen to live music at the Deer Lodge.
2. Temecula Hot Air Balloon Rides


If you can’t make it all the way to Napa, just drive an hour and a half to Temecula, where for only $139 you can enjoy an afternoon air balloon ride or finally learn everything you didn’t know about wine.

3. Solvang


That picture? It really is in California. Just 2 hours North of Los Angeles, Solvang is a little town where the Danish settled and created a town that would feel just like home. Relatively inexpensive, there are horse-drawn carriages, candy stores, Paula’s Pancake Housea ranch with miniature horses, and, even crazier… an entire ranch full of giant ostridges! It really does feel like a totally different country.

Hopefully this email reminded you of how many really cool options there are for a local getaway weekend. In the end, the Point is to generate and experience unforgettable memories with the ones you love the most.

And of course, if you do decide to go on a road trip, make sure tocontact us so that we can provide you with best possible auto insurance for you and your family!

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