5 Incredible Facts about Los Angeles

It’s amazing how you can live somewhere for years and years…and the place can still surprise you.

Los Angeles is such a bustling, vibrant area — rich in culture and history, containing endless facts and gems. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about LA. Enjoy! 🙂

1. 1958: We stole the Dodgers from Brooklyn


The greatest thing about this is that the name Dodgers comes from Brooklyn residents dodging the streetcars in Brooklyn.  

Their name may have come from Brooklyn, but they have been the Los Angeles Dodgers for almost 60 years and guess what – they won against the Arizona Diamondbacks just last night!


2. Do you know LA’s real name?


When L.A. was founded, the city’s full name was “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles sobre el Rio Porciuncula.” (If your Spanish is rusty, that translates to “The town of our lady queen of the angels on the Porciuncula River.”)

Good thing we changed it. Can you imagine having to say all that every time someone asks you where you live?

3. The internet was born in LA


October 29, 1969. On that day, the word LOGIN was sent from one computer at UCLA to another in Menlo Park, Ca over a network.

The scientist who was working on the project typed “LO” before the whole system crashed. Later that afternoon the bug was fixed and the entire word made it through.

And today, not even 50 years later, we have access to the entire world of knowledge in our hands, all the time. Mind-bending.

4. Women Rock Los Angeles


Los Angeles has the highest number of women-owned businesses in the nation. 🙂

5. Once, there was Hollywoodland.


The famous Hollywood sign originally read “Hollywoodland”. it was actually built in 1923 as an advertisement for upscale real estate development. It just happened to become famous. After a series of upgrades and re-designs, the current sign was unveiled on Hollywood’s 75th Anniversary celebration in 1978, to a live television audience of over 60 million.

Isn’t LA Great?


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