A Shameless Plug

the-point-insurance-agentsInsurance Agent. That’s who we are and it’s interesting how often we’re asked, “How did you get into that profession?”

Each of us at The Point has a different answer to that question, but we all share the same love for our work and our clients. By now you know that we provide both insurance for you as a person (home, auto, life, health) as well as for businesses (general liability, workers compensation, commercial property, employee benefits) throughout the Los Angeles metro area.

We are physically located in Downey, a 20-minute drive from the heart of the city. But most of our clients know us only by phone, by a smile they can hear, and by the excellent service, we strive to consistently provide.

Hablamos Español! All of our agents are bilingual and enjoy mingling languages throughout the day to meet each of our unique clients. Our goal, in every conversation, is to provide all-around protection, exactly suited to each situation, with some of the top insurance companies in the industry.

Yes, we do take care of the extensive paperwork related to insurance policies and ensuring that they are effective for your needs. But our favorite part of every day is interacting with our clients, making sure that they have the best and most affordable policies, and knowing that they can move forward in their busy lives having the peace of mind that everything they value is protected.

Simply put, we are service professionals. Our philosophy is that if our community is taken care of and our clients are receiving excellent service, every day at the office is a success that we can be proud of.

So, from Burbank to South Beach, if you live in Los Angeles County and are looking for an insurance agency that has your best interests in mind, contact us today. Our experts will provide you with the level of service you can only get with a local business whose top priorities are you, your family and your business.

And for those of you who have been with us throughout the years, thank you. We’d love to hear about your experiences. Please feel free to email us at hub@thepointinsurance.com and share your thoughts. You never know… you might be featured in one of our future posts.

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