5 Key Stepping Stones to Success


Sometimes it feels like Friday has finally,  finally arrived, and next thing you know it’s Monday morning and you’re hitting the snooze button. Don’t you wish you could approach your week in a more proactive way? Well, we have good news for you. These strategies are designed to help you increase both productivity and energy.Our goal is to help you have an epically successful week, so epic perhaps, that maybe you’ll be excited come Monday mornings 🙂


1. Say “No” to the Snooze Button

Those precious extra minutes of sleepas wonderful as they might seemaren’t worth it.  Numerous studies have shown that hitting snooze forces your body to transition between being awake and being asleep, so quickly that you actually don’t rest—in fact, doing this depletes your body of much-needed energy before the day even starts. Instead, get up as soon as your alarm goes off. Do this every day; eventually, your body will get used to the consistency. You’ll start going to bed when your body needs to, and you will wake up without needing an alarm.

2. Clear Your Workspace & Create a Daily Action Plan. 

Organize your office and desk (ideally) before you break for the weekend. (You’ll love yourself for it on Monday morning.) Once your workspace is clear, take ten minutes to map out a Daily Action Plan. This plan isn’t merely a to-do-list—this is where you write down your daily goals (organized by order of priority), and the estimated amount of time each item will take. Come up with at least three (and no more than six) main goals for the week. Writing everything down allows you to move through your work days sequentially, saving time and energy you might spend struggling to remember what to do, or in which order to do it.


3.  Plan Around your Golden Hours of Productivity. 

Everyone has a daily window of time in which they are at their most focused, creative and energized. Identify when this window occurs for you—maybe it’s first thing in the morning, or right after lunch; perhaps you are a late-night owl. Regardless, plan your work day around these hours and make sure you protect them—this isn’t the time to take unscheduled calls or respond to long-winded emails. Instead, use this time to work on the project that requires most brain-power.


4. Don’t Procrastinate! 

Tackle your most dreaded project first, preferably during your Golden Hours of Productivity. This way, the project is completed while you at your most energized and alert, which means it will get done faster; it won’t be looming over you throughout the rest of the week.

5. Plan Weekly Rewards

Part of having a productive work-week is actively looking forward to doing something non-work related during the weekend. Whether it’s a meal out with your family, a full-day outdoorsy adventure, or simply a quiet moment to yourself with a book, make sure that you intentionally block out a few hours to relax, recharge and enjoy. Looking forward to something, however small, will help you approach your work more efficiently. Then, when you engage in whichever activity you’ve been looking forward to all week, you will replenish the energy you need to make next week even more epically successful. 🙂

We hope this has served to get you excited about the coming week! I know we are! Feel free to drop us a line and let us know if this was helpful!

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