New Years Eve: An Opportunity for Reflection


New Years: An Opportunity for Reflection
What’s the best to take into account as the year ends? There are obvious measurements, like numbers and achievements met. But  that can’t quite cover the impact of a year. It seems like a good thing to write down, on paper, at the end of each year — what really happened?

We’ve had a big year here at The Point. We had a booth at the Downey Fair, a float at the Downey Christmas Parade, and quite a few celebrations throughout the year, thanks to the team’s success. In short, it’s been awesome.

What were your favorite moments?
When you look back on this year, which moments make you laugh or smile when you think of them?
For us, all you have to do is look at the picture above. Those moments when we got to connect, either with our clients or with each other in the office. It seems like the best thing you can have at work is a team of people that really enjoy working together. We’re lucky to have it.

What happened this year that you will definitely remember?
Everything’s different five or ten years down the line. What do you think you’ll remember about this year, if anything, ten years from now?
This was a big year for us. We brought on quite a few new people and started working with the community as a team in new and exciting ways. 2015 was a game-changer.

If there’s one thing you’ve learned from this year that you know you’ll want to remember, what would it be?
Try and narrow it down to just one. If you could only remember one thing you learned this year, what would you want it to be?
For us it would probably be: nothing happens if you don’t try. Trying new things has been huge for us this year. Of course, so often when trying new things you have to find the rhythm and learn how they work before they feel ‘normal’, like setting up booths for fairs. But now, at the year’s end looking back, we can see how taking risks and trying new things not only has a huge payoff; it’s fun.

And you? How was your year? What do you think, will you write out your answers and save them to reflect on some day in the future? Wouldn’t it be interesting to find that piece of paper (probably only one, from the only year you did the exercise: 2015 ;), and see what that year was all about?

We wish you and yours an amazing New Year!

Happy New Year,
Your Friends at The Point

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