Reviews Mean Everything to a Business


How often do you look up reviews to make decisions about where you’ll go, what you’ll buy, and which companies you want to work with?

So much of the way we interact in the world is determined by our online experience, these days. In a 2014 survey run by Search Engine Land, a leading daily publication in the marketing industry, found that:

88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

We are checking in online before heading out to restaurants, movie theaters, hotels for local trips and international. Before we make a major purchase like a car, or a computer, or even a phone. Sites like even let allow us to check neighborhood ratings before renting or buying a home. 

In this day and age, writing a review for your favorite business is better than giving them a tip on a job well done. A few great reviews can translate into dozens of new customers, if not more. 

What is your favorite site for checking reviews? When do you use reviews to make decisions? Reply to this email with your response and we’ll share your best tips on our Facebook page.

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