Make sure your policy doesn’t take any days off from the gym


We had a great meeting here at the office where we talked about our goals for the new year, both personally and professionally. Overwhelmingly, there was a focus on fitness, which is great because we can support each other in meeting our goals.

We all laughed when someone mentioned the correlation between getting physically fit and ensuring the most “fit” insurance plan for your individual lifestyle. As we shared ideas across the table, laughing with each new quote, we realized… It was actually brilliant.

So we set about writing this letter to you, to share with you some of our ideas.

We want to be physically fit so that we can feel confident and strong in our bodies. And actually, this is exactly what a strong coverage plan can do. When you buff up your protection and ensure that all the things that are most valuable to you are covered, you can move through life knowing that you’re covered (pun intended), no matter what should come up. Your health, your vehicles, your life, your home… All of it insured and taken care of in case of the unexpected. You want to make sure your plan doesn’t take any days off at the gym because the unexpected can have a funny way of happening at the least opportune time.

Even more excitingly, the new year can be an opportunity to slim down your insurance bill by combining policies and revisiting your existing policies to see what may be available. So if finances are one of your resolutions, definitely get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Some of our team resolutions for 2015 are to be more in touch with you through social media, where you’ll be able to see insights into your favorite The Point insurance agents, among other things. Maybe we’ll even update you on how our fitness goals are going!

As always, please be in touch as we all celebrate this new and exciting year together.

Raul Castillo
Owner of The Point Insurance

The Point Insurance

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